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Golfer Survey


Your input is extremely valuable to golf course owners and operators, as they wish to optimize the products and services that mean most to their customers.

As a way of saying thank you, we will enter your name in a drawing for a Dozen Titleist® Pro-V1™ golf balls.  Please be certain to provide us with your name and email address (bottom of survey).

Thank you,

The SpinTrue Team


We suggest you minimize the AOL window and to use a non-AOL browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer when completing this survey.

Unlike AOL, these browsers connect DIRECTLY to our surveys, thereby producing a faster connection and a better overall experience. If you are experiencing problems clicking on the URL, please copy it into your Web browser (long addresses may break into 2 lines).


A. Please tell us a little about yourself

1. Gender
2. Age bracket 
3. Annual household income  (USD)
4. Country of residence
5 State or Province of residence
6. Zip/Postal Code
7. Profession


B. Let's hear about your golfing experience

1. What are the top 3 favorite courses you've played?
2. Where did you last play golf?


3. What is your golf handicap?
4. How often have you played golf in the past year?
5. How many times have you played twilight golf in the past year?


6. If a 9-hole option was offered, would you take advantage of this option?

If you answered "Yes" please answer the following three questions.  Otherwise, please skip to question 10.

7. How many times during the year would you use this option?
8. What percent of the daily fee would you be willing to pay for this option?
9. If the 9-hole option was in place, how many 18-hole rounds would you purchase during the year?


10.  Are you a member of a golf club?  

  If you answered "YES" please answer the following three questions.  Otherwise, please skip to question 14.

11. What kind of golf club is it? 
12. Do you find the membership valuable?
13. To what club do you belong?


14. Are you a member of any golf affiliation / loyalty program (e.g., Troon, Nike, GolfQ...)?

 If you answered "YES" please answer the following two questions.  Otherwise, please skip to question 17.

15. To what program / programs do you belong?
16. Have you found value in these programs?


17. For a day trip, how far are you willing to travel to play a round of golf (one-way)?
18. Based on your answer to question 17, what is the most compelling reason you are willing to travel the distance selected?


C. Importance vs satisfaction

Based on your answer to question B-2, above, please answer the following.

On a scale of 1 - 10, where


10 means very important/satisfied

bullet 1 means not important/satisfied at all,

how do the following attributes impact you when you play golf, compared to your experience at the course listed in question B-2?






1. Access to golf course information prior to play (e.g., website, marketing materials...)

2. Amenities (e.g., ball marker, yardage book, towel, tees)
3. Bag attendants & storage
4. Caddie services
5. Cart condition
6. Cart-based GPS (distance tracking receiver)
7. Check-in process
8. Club and ball washers
9. Club rentals
10. Condition of course - overall
11. Condition of fairways
12. Condition of greens
13. Course architect
14. Course cleanliness
15. Course difficulty
16. Course landscaping
17.  Course views
18. Customer service
19. Drinking water available throughout course
20. Food and beverage accessibility during play
21. Food and beverage quality
22. Golf improvement services (e.g., pro, lessons...)
23. Locker rooms
24. Merchandise price
25. Merchandise selection
26.  Pairing services (golf club offers services where golfers may meet one-another)
27. Practice balls included in price
28. Practice facility - availability
29. Practice facility - condition
30. Price paid for the round of golf
31. Pull carts offered / walking allowed
32. Reservation process
33. Rest room availability on course
34. Rest room cleanliness
35. Round-trip distance to course
36.  Signature hole
37. Speed of play
38. Tee time availability


D. If you wish to enter our drawing, please provide  us with the following (must be over 18 for drawing):

1. Name
2. Email address or phone
3.  How did you hear about this survey?


E.  Comments / Suggestions


Thanks so much for taking the time to complete our survey!

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