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SpinTrue Golf Marketing focuses on increasing golf-related revenues.

Working with course owners and operators, SpinTrue develops and implements a marketing strategy based on the Voice of the Customer. 

We identify the features, benefits and improvements required to appropriately position the property within its competitive set to attract new customers and build a loyal base of repeat business.

SpinTrue can meet your needs, from a basic tweaking of your course marketing tactics to a complete development and implementation of a marketing plan.

What our customers say:

"SpinTrue allowed me to more clearly see my operation from the eyes of the customer. Knowing what is important to my golfers and how we deliver against their expectations is vital to sustaining customer relationships.  SpinTrue's assignment of importance and impact to alternative solutions provides a logical roadmap to making positive changes in the most economical manner."

-- Tom Glaser, General Manager for Hillcrest Golf and Country Club, in Hollywood, Florida, formerly GM at WindRose Golf Club in Spring, Texas.

Why Do You Need SpinTrue?

A round of golf is perishable. A round of golf is as perishable as an empty airplane seat or empty hotel bed.  Once it goes unused, it can never be sold again.  The golf business is experiencing the same market dynamics as airlines and hotels.  Today's environment requires inventory and market research to determine the optimal business mix.  Paradigm shifts are needed to profit in the golf course business. 

Too many courses, too few players.  The industry is suffering from the over-saturation of golf courses, driving down the number of paid rounds per course.  With so many courses in churn, lenders benefit by SpinTrue's objective course analysis.

bullet 3,000 Courses opened in the last 7 years,
bullet Golfer population growth is flat,
bullet Rounds played in the last few years, dropped.

Measuring success.  To date, there has been little available to measure success of your program, except against your own numbers.  SpinTrue measures success of your program compared to what's truly critical -- we identify key indicators and trends, compare them to your competitive set and deliver them through a monthly report card, allowing you to uncover opportunities across your entire golf program.  Now you can identify whether your revenue fluctuations are due to internal or external factors, and focus your attention where it's needed most.


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