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What Differentiates SpinTrue?

What Does SpinTrue Do?

Why Do Golf Course Owners, Operators and Lenders Need SpinTrue?

The SpinTrue Executive Team

What Drives The SpinTrue Team?


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bullet WindRose Golf Club

What Differentiates SpinTrue?

SpinTrue leverages knowledge and experience gained through the hotel and airline and travel related industries, where market dynamics are similar to that of the golf industry. With over 50 years combined experience in operations, information and product management, marketing, and technology we differentiate our services by:


Uncovering all golf-related revenue growth opportunities. SpinTrue is focused on driving revenue to new dimensions, across all aspects of your golf and golf-related operation.


Creating a roadmap for success using proven program and process improvement techniques. SpinTrue embraces Six Sigma methodology, a proven Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering method, that many successful corporations, from GE to American Express to Starwood use to increase revenue while reducing costly errors in programs and processes.


Establishing program goals, identifying short and long term targets, and tracking your progress along the way. At SpinTrue, we quantify success of all programs we implement, so you are assured of proven, measurable results.


Asking your customer what's important. The most critical aspect of success is to ensure your customers perceive your program's value. SpinTrue measures the value of program alternatives so you spend your operating and marketing budget on programs that yield the greatest levels of satisfaction from your customers.


Staying with you all the way. SpinTrue takes a high-touch approach with our clients and their customers, from initial review, through implementation of a continuous improvement process.

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What Does SpinTrue Do?

SpinTrue drives golf revenue to new dimensions.

SpinTrue Golf Marketing focuses on increasing golf-related revenues.

Working with course owners and operators, SpinTrue develops and implements a marketing strategy based on the Voice of the Customer. 

We identify the features, benefits and improvements required to appropriately position the property within its competitive set to attract new customers and build a loyal base of repeat business.


bullet Generates Revenue

SpinTrue partners with its clients and their customer segments to implement effective yield management programs, and establish customer-centric product development, marketing and customer service initiatives driven to enhance revenue opportunities before, during and after the round is played.

bullet Enhances the Customer Experience

SpinTrue listens to "the customer's customer." We ensure the Voice of the Customer is reflected throughout their golf experience -- before, during and after the round is played. SpinTrue reviews opportunities with a small group of your golfers, and recommends golf operation and marketing changes based on the Voice of the Customer.

bullet Quantifies and Benchmarks

To quantify improvements and value, SpinTrue provides golf course managers with monthly Report Cards and Performance/Importance Charts that offer a snapshot of key indicators, plus month over month trending. SpinTrue also offers to turn the data into actionable information, by enhancing the observation with a conclusion and recommendation for improvement.

bullet Employs Six Sigma Methodology

The SpinTrue team is embraced in Six Sigma® methodology to arrive at root-causes for under-forecasted golf rounds and related golf revenue.

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Why Do You Need SpinTrue?

YIELD AND REVENUE MANAGEMENT - It's a golfer's market.

Most large cities, and now many smaller ones are beginning to suffer from the over-saturation of golf courses.  The explosion of new golfers is slowing down, and is out-paced by the resulting over-building of courses to meet the previously forecasted demand.  This is driving down the number of paid rounds per course.  In turn competitiveness, which is new to golf course managers, is required through effective yield management, proactive integrated marketing and increasing golf-related revenue opportunities.


BENCHMARKING - How are you doing?  Compared to what? 

To make matters more complex, there are very few ways to measure success of your program, except against your own numbers, and anecdotal information gathered wherever possible.  SpinTrue adds value to those numbers.  We measure and trend the success of your program, trending key indicators so you can chart program effectiveness, and plan for up- and downswings based on historical patterns.


REPORT CARD - Are you receiving your fair market share of paid rounds?

SpinTrue offers competitive consulting, researching what's truly critical.  Where possible, we compare industry and competitive key indicator trends to your measurements and deliver them in a monthly "report card" uncovering opportunities across your entire golf program.  Now you can identify whether your revenue fluctuations are due to internal or external factors, and focus your attention where it's needed most.

Click Here to request a sample Report Card


TIME - With SpinTrue as your partner you can focus on the day-to-day demands of running a business.

Focus on your daily operations, while we focus solely on growing your revenues today and in the future. A flexible, predetermined schedule establishes the project touch points where owner/operator and consultant will interact to communicate and monitor the success of each phase.


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The SpinTrue Executive Team

Bert Silverstein


Ray Sylvester


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What Drives the SpinTrue Team?

Desire and Passion

The SpinTrue team has a desire to fill the need for effective, proactive integrated marketing programs, as widely recognized now by golf course managers. We also have a driving passion - for continuous improvement across marketing, information and most importantly, growing the game of golf.

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We'd Love to Hear From You!

Tell us a little about your golf marketing program... what works, what can use some improvement and how well you're tracking to this year's forecasted paid rounds. We'll contact you within 24 hours!

Click Here to contact the SpinTrue Team.

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