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SpinTrue Continuous

Improvement Surveys


SpinTrue conducts surveys on what's important to you - the golfer and golf course operator. 

The results of our survey are published on our website.

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Survey Overview

This study is designed to help golf course owners/operators (decision makers) identify and prioritize areas for service improvement and to facilitate resource allocation decisions.

The specific objectives of our Continuous Improvement Survey is to answer the following key questions about satisfaction with respect to key attributes of golfers' experiences:


Where does the area Golfer Experience stand today?


Overall, how satisfied are golfers with area golf courses?


To what extent are golfers playing?


How likely are golfers to be loyal to a given golf course?


What can an area Golf Course do to improve its standing?


Which attributes drive golfer satisfaction and behaviors?


How well do the area courses perform on attributes golfers value most?


Which attributes are competitive vulnerabilities that warrant high-priority attention?


Which attributes are leveragable assets and should be emphasized during course promotion initiatives?

Survey Background

Over the last ten years, we have seen an unprecedented growth in golf course building. Many large metropolitan areas now have a surplus of golf courses. 

Now golfers may choose from a vast selection of courses in within driving distance from their home. Once a course is played, why will a golfer play there again, when there are so many others? Spending anywhere from under $20 to over $100 for 18 holes, many cities across the country have become truly a golfer's market. Now, as a course owner/operator, you realize that price and green grass are no longer the sole factors in where one decides to play. To earn golfers' repeat business you are driven to understand what's important to them, and to make sure your course measures up to their ever more demanding requirements.

Only about 5% of the population are considered active golfers. Where do they play? Why would they return to your course, with so many others from which to select? How can course owners earn their repeat business?

To answer these questions, SpinTrue Golf Marketing asks golfers about their experiences with area courses, who answer questions concerning over 35 golf course and player attributes.  The SpinTrue Continuous Improvement Survey provides a comprehensive report card on how well courses are meeting area golfers' needs, and will allow area golf course owners and operators to plan for purchases and improvements to secure repeat customers.

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